Investing in Orange County Real Estate: What Programs Are Available?

Are you looking to invest in Orange County real estate? If so, there are a number of special programs available to help you get started. Primarily, these opportunities come from meeting and networking with others who can help. OCREIA members include real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage bankers, independent contractors, and more. In some cases, county property tax advisors and collectors will attend meetings.

This has allowed landlords to increase rents and tighten their rules for tenants. Because of these stricter guidelines, it's become easier to qualify for first-time homebuyer programs than it is to qualify to rent an apartment or house.

Getting Started with Real Estate Investing in Orange County

If you have questions about buying your first home, contact me and we can discuss some options. You may not have to aim as high as you think.

The CSUF Real Estate Program is designed for students who are primarily interested in careers in the real estate industry. It provides the student with general and specialized real estate knowledge that is applicable to professional areas such as real estate finance and investment, brokerage, market analysis and valuation, in addition to being relevant to the acquisition, development, management and disposal of real estate. The program provides the analytical, communicative and interpersonal skills to make decisions about real estate assets under conditions of risk and uncertainty. The student will be able to apply the knowledge acquired to specific real estate issues in a wide variety of corporate, business and personal situations.

The course takes a holistic and contemporary approach to real estate, drawing on lessons from past cycles and current trends. Participants complete a total of four quarterly courses, in addition to a two-day program, and can complete the program in as little as nine months.

Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Investor Association

In addition to the support, motivation, mentoring, and financial benefits of joining a REIA, many real estate investor associations provide educational information and training during monthly meetings. Joining the local association of real estate investors (REIA) is a great way to learn more about real estate investing and meet other professionals.

While not affiliated with the National REIA, OCREIA offers a variety of benefits, focusing on important issues that benefit its members in the Orange County area. Orange County encompasses a lot of California real estate and includes some incredible waterfront properties. For example, you may have experience selling single-family homes but want to pursue commercial real estate investment. The curriculum presents a practical approach to the analysis of real estate business opportunities with case presentations from leaders in the real estate community.

Pooling Resources for Major Real Estate Deals

Members can also pool their resources and invest in major real estate deals that would otherwise be unreachable. This course prepares students to efficiently value and manage a diversified portfolio comprised of real estate investment trusts (REITs). Some real estate investors choose to purchase a full membership in a REIA with great benefits while occasionally attending meetings at other REIAs when a topic is especially interesting. It provides an understanding of the public real estate investment trust (REIT) market and its place in modern investment strategies, presents methods for analyzing and valuing companies, and introduces basic concepts for building and managing a real estate investment portfolio.

Toby teaches extensively in the United States to groups of investors and professionals, and many of his courses are certified as continuing education credits for legal, accounting and real estate professionals.


If you're looking for an opportunity to invest in Orange County real estate, there are plenty of options available. From joining a REIA or taking part in specialized programs at CSUF or other institutions to taking advantage of first-time homebuyer programs or investing in major deals through pooled resources – there's something for everyone!.